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Build Your Story

3.diary3,10x15cm, stitching on photo col
1.diary1,10x15,stitching on photo collag
4.diary4,15x17,stitching on photo collag

© Gisoo Kim

Date: Aug. 17 -  Aug. 23

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Gisoo Kim is a visual artist, combining different views, perspectives, places and situations together using a thread and photographs. Her stitching process plays a role bringing different properties together, deepening her work and story more. Kim’s work is a continuously maturing story beyond dimension, where she's faced experiences, piled up with her present ego, emotions, and imagination. 


Each photograph invokes different memories and emotions, and the emotions felt during the time the photo was taken may change over time. Kim works to capture these changing elements through her work. Some memories could be maximized, while some are selectively hidden or distorted for any reasons. Kim visualizes these processes with the thread and photos as the way of communication. From the process of combination, we find a new possibility of communication, where we could bring innovative ways of connecting to each other in a visual way on social media platforms.


The Portable Museum would like to invite people to participate in a challenge to “Build Your Story.” Build your story like artist Gisoo Kim. Use any photographs as your base, and build on it with any medium of your choice. We encourage you to open a dialogue with your story through the Portable Museum Project.

The Portable Museum Project is proud to collaborate with the artist, Gisoo Kim, in a goal of building an innovative and interactive way to communicate with our viewers through art.

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