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Education | Collage

What is your valuable object?

The students will be able to visualize their stories through collage making.

What you need?

- Construction paper (any colored paper)

- Scissors

- Glue

- Pencils

- Colored pencils or markers


[Ellen Weider. Sketchbook. 2019. Gouache, acrylic, and graphite on linen. 16” X 20”]

Questions for Exploration

-  What do you notice from the painting?

-  What shapes are in this painting?

-  What colors do you see in this painting?

-  What happened in this painting?


The students will think about four objects they value and four spaces to keep the objects.

-  What are your valuable objects?

-  Why are these objects valuable to you?

-  If you make four spaces to keep the objects you value, what colors will you use for the spaces?

-  How could you arrange each space?

What will you do?

-  Choose four different colored pieces of paper. They are going to be your spaces for your valuable objects.

-  Cut out each colored piece of paper (5" x 5"), then arrange them as you like.

-  Glue them on a piece of blank paper.

-  Draw and color four valuable objects in your brainstorming. Each size of the object is supposed to be in 5" x 5".

-  Cut out the drawings, then glue them on each colored piece of space. 


We encourage parents have a storytelling time about their valuable and favorite objects with the children's collage.

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