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Meng Zhou

Harmonizing Nature and Human Cultures

i of Horus.jpg

Through the efforts to coexist with nature, Meng Zhou’s artwork ideology stands for humans taking responsibility for the loss of heritage and nature. Particularly due to the current pandemic, Zhou heightens his consciousness of the environment. By incorporating nature into his art, he hopes to awaken the audience's attention to be more environmentally conscious.  


Meng Zhou reflects his interest and consideration about nature, cultural heritage, and mythology. Zhou states, “to me, myth or deification lies somewhere between religion and traditional practices, and is a very rich and multidimensional way of understanding.” In his artwork, his perception merges with diverse materials. These materials are found and mixed with traditional and modern media; these range from bamboo to papier-mâché. In terms of the visual effects, his crafting of these materials found from nature explores texture, and architectural visualization. Zhou’s art shares varying types of culture with mythologies and traditions. Through figurative and abstract expression, Zhou’s narrative between tradition and modernity fuses into representing humanity, ecological notions, the environment that humans encounter, and culture. The series that will be exhibited, “i of Horus,” which is made with recyclable materials, is the representative creation that evokes the human need to harmonize with nature. 

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