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Montserrat Mesalles

Conflicting Beauty

The inventiveness of the fly 4.jpeg

   In "Conflicting Beauty," Montserrat Mesalles represents the opposite properties: between different materials: between external visualization and internal dialogues. Reusing industrial waste, she mediates the esthetic impression between roughness and fragility. Her surreal world where she brings out the contrasting perspectives oscillates their own attribution to merge diverse emotions, thoughts, and empathy. In another point of view, she describes the conflicts of beauty between the strong exterior and the story behind her sculptures.

   Coming from a family of industrialists, Montserrat Mesalles was exposed to metal waste from factories at an early age. She was overwhelmed by the massive amount of industrial waste and, at some point, the discarded material became a fascinating medium rescued by her imagination. Combining discarded delicate jewels with industrial materials, she displays both the synergy and contrast of the materials. With a female perspective, she narrates through her robust sculptures relatable stories and viewpoints. Through her storytelling the machinery pieces are used to resonate the multiple concerns that women have.  Moreover, through her public art, and giant sculptures, she evokes her desire for worldwide harmony and communication.

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