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Sharon Radisch

Exploring Isolation and Connectivity


“As individuals, we are isolated, but as a whole we are working together. Additionally, I have been observing and considering connectivity.”

─ Sharon Radisch

Based on her still life photography, Sharon Radisch became interested in the tension, balance, and connectivity of her still life sculpture. Radisch has been exploring the meaning of ‘isolation’ and ‘connectivity’ on how it relates to people as individuals and as a whole since the global pandemic. Her exploration of ‘isolation’ and ‘connectivity’ is reflected in choosing the materials from her neighborhood such as salvaged industrial materials, where the texture and shape of each material inspired her imagination of sculpture. Her sculptures connote a tacit endeavor and complex challenge that people are experiencing in striving to stay connected, all the while maintaining a sense of pleasing aesthetics to her structures. 


Sharon Radisch is a New York based photographer specialising in still life, travel, and interiors. Radisch has been working with the fashion, marketing, and magazine companies; Gucci, Chanel, Stuart Weitzman, COS, Architectural Digest, and etc. She  obtained a Master’s Degree in Biology at Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris.

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