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Yves Lappert

Innocent Minimal Intervention

Through the structures piled from various manufactured objects, Yves Lappert transforms daily objects into artwork, where he explores the possibility that the natural object could have new attribution than those original properties in an interaction with a space. 


Lappert has focused on collecting the materials in a restricted area such as the underground garage of his residence and neighborhood since the global pandemic. In his work, the irrelevant objects are interactively placed in a space, where they create a new relation beyond each property. He applies minimal actions to each object, such as placing or depositing them instead of nailing and taping them. The minimal intervention on the object is Lappert’s artistic expression about how he respects the nature of each object in his work. Currently, Lappert is experimenting on shadow sculpting, figuring out the balance and harmony between the wood sticks and the elements of nature such as light, shadow, and space. By placing the wood sticks on the wall, street, or stairs, he has been creating another dimension than its holder.

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